Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Not what I was expecting...

I have a few bosses at work.  Yes, more than one.  More than two.  I have three bosses.  If ever there was a way of trying to tell someone they need more supervision....having three bosses is it.  Of course, I am blogging while at work so that could be the issue.  But I am taking a quick break and I rarely take lunches.  I can validate anything.

So I was talking to Boss #2, who I actually really respect and like.  He is almost married to this place though.  Honestly, he gets here at 6:00 AM and doesn't leave before 6:00 PM.  One day last week I was excited because I worked more than he did.  Yes, one day in 8 months.  Anyway...I am the resident candidate entertainer.  When we have a candidate coming in from out of town I have to pick them up, take them to dinner, etc.  It sounds glamorous.  It is not.  It is actually tiring.  It is a good way to interview them, however.  I made the mistake of scheduling two college grads to interview back to back (different days).  This means free dinners and lunches, but long hours. 

Today I had to drop one of the candidates off at 2:30 and pick one up at 5:30.  I was going to go home and rest during that time, but needed to come back to work.  Just a minute ago he came in my office and you do you  know what he had the nerve to tell me??? 

"Wow, you are such a whimp for not going home."

How awesome is that??  I mean, awesome in the sense that he was ok with me going home for a few hours.  Not awesome as in "he called me a whimp and I think he kinda meant it".  At least that is what I'm going with.

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