Monday, August 8, 2011


Dear Little Boy,

It stands to reason, given my complete and utter awesomeness, that some of that would rub off on you.  Well, my friend, it did.  You are more awesome than I could ever imagine.  God sure knew what he was doing when he gave me you.  Your daddy and I are constantly in awe of how smart, cute, inquisitive, attentive, etc, etc, etc you are.  A friend and I were having coffee one morning and an older couple actually came up to us and commented on how responsive you were.  That was a first.  I never really thought of being responsive as a compliment, unless you are an EMT or a Customer Service professional.

You had your first solid food this weekend.  I know, I know, we could have started months ago, but we decided to wait.  And wait.  And wait.  I'm happy to report that you loved it.  We have it on video so I have proof. 

You started waving recently too.  So. Stinking. Cute.  I didn't think we waved all that much so I'm a little surprised you started doing that one. 

You learned how to propel yourself forward while on your tummy too.  Normally the propel comes from your foot in some very uncomfortable position against one of my body parts.  Glad I could be there for you.  You still prefer to go backwards, though.  Does it make us bad parents that we bribe you with the phone and remote?  I have a feeling that is foreshadowing. 

I wonder what age you figure out that naps are pretty awesome?  It obviously comes later.  You would rather play with the elephant mobile in your crib.  It's pretty awesome too so I can't blame you much.  I'm actually just happy that you are content in your crib for so long.  Every day we say how good a boy you are. 

You get happy whenever your daddy or I walk into a room.  I must confess that I often leave the room just so I can come back in. 

You are such a joy, little boy.  Such a blessing!  I'm excited to see you grow into a young man...just not yet.

I love you,

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

31 Days

If you've never visited Chatting at the Sky, you are missing out.  Not only is her blog visually beautiful, so is her writing, her message, and her heart.  This October she is doing the "31 Days" again.  This year her topic is "31 Days to Change the World". 

She also urges us to do our own 31 Days.  I really think I'd like to do it this year.  I just need to figure out what to call it.  What would you like to see?

Actually, I just thought of what I think I can call it.  31 Days to Making Others Feel Loved.  I'll include 31 ways to making others feel special, loved, thought of...whatever you want to call it. 

What do you think???

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

All about me

Isn't that what blogs are for anyway?  For us to talk about what we want, what we like?  It's also what I use counseling for.  But I won't talk about that stuff on here.

As I'm sitting at work thinking of how much I don't want to be here today, I started thinking about things I love.  Not people, that is too obvious.  But things.  I know that things shouldn't bring me happiness, but sometimes they warm the soul.  And even on hot summer days in the South, a little soul warming never hurt nobody. 

I love Coca Cola.  And Cherry Coke is pretty awesome too.  I know they aren't good for me.  I don't care. 

I love a good book.  Reading is one of my favorite things to do.  And I admit I'm not as fond of the Kindle.  I'm trying, though.

I love rain.  I love the smell of it, I love the sound of it, I love the feel of it.  I have vivid memories of playing in the rain when I was young.

I love autumn.  The crispness in the air is like a foreshadowing of things to come.  Of warm apple cider and beautiful colors.

I love a freshly made bed.  Pulling back the covers when going to bed is like unwrapping a presesnt.  Even though you know what the present is you know you are going to love it.

I love getting small tokens from people.  For me, it's a sign that they thought of me, that I was important to them.  I know it is greedy, but it makes me feel loved in return.

I love the beach after 5:00 pm.  When the blistering heat and crowds are gone and you can enjoy the breeze and your thoughts alone. 

I loved listening to my grandfather tell stories.  I love for all men of that generation to tell stories of their lives.

I love watching baseball games in person.  It makes me feel like a kid.

I love to hear the national anthem.  I cry and get chills every time. 

I love to get letters/cards in the mail.  I don't do this enough for my friends and I vow to be better. 

Lastly, I love to watch people love each other.  Random people, people I know, it doesn't matter.  I love to watch people be sweet to others.  It gives me hope.

Monday, August 1, 2011

Driver Education

Last week was apparently slow-ass driver week.  Next time I wonder if they could couple this with hang-out-in-the-left-hand-lane-club.  Then I could consolidate my fury into one week.

I thought I would compile a list of driving habits that are guaranteed to make even the most sane, insane.

1.  Slow-ass drivers.
2.  People who hang out in the left lane.  There are subgroups to this one:

Subgroup A:  People who drive fast in this lane and come up on your tail so quickly that you have to look for flashing lights to make sure they aren't pulling you over.  If you are in that much of a hurry maybe you should have left sooner or put your hazards on.

Subgroup B:  People who drive the exact speed limit in the left hand lane.  Also known as people who can't read the sign that says slower traffic keep right.  Or are blind because they can't see the LONG ASS LINE of cars behind them.

Subgroup C:  People who drive 5 miles over the speed limit.  See SubGroup B.

Subgroup D:  People who drive in this lane even if there is no traffic around at all.  My husband does this.  Drives me crazy.  Makes me love him more.

3.  People who don't use their turn signals.  They are there for a reason, use them.
4.  People who match your speed when you are trying to pass them.  Oh, hell no.
5.  People who ride their brakes. 
6.  People who stop at stoplights 20 feet from the white line thing. 
7.  People who have a bunch of crap in their cars.  I know this doesn't really have to do with driving, but it has to be a distraction.  You know, those people who don't have a back seat because of too much stuff.
8.  People who let their dogs ride in their laps. 
9.  People who can't park and take up two spots due to their parking inability.  I can understand if you  have a nice car.  I can empathize.  But taking up two spots simply because you can't park is downright wrong.
10.  People who don't move over to let you merge onto the highway.

I'm sure there is more but I can't think of them right now.  I'm off to go get in my car and be the best driver.  EVER!