Tuesday, August 2, 2011

All about me

Isn't that what blogs are for anyway?  For us to talk about what we want, what we like?  It's also what I use counseling for.  But I won't talk about that stuff on here.

As I'm sitting at work thinking of how much I don't want to be here today, I started thinking about things I love.  Not people, that is too obvious.  But things.  I know that things shouldn't bring me happiness, but sometimes they warm the soul.  And even on hot summer days in the South, a little soul warming never hurt nobody. 

I love Coca Cola.  And Cherry Coke is pretty awesome too.  I know they aren't good for me.  I don't care. 

I love a good book.  Reading is one of my favorite things to do.  And I admit I'm not as fond of the Kindle.  I'm trying, though.

I love rain.  I love the smell of it, I love the sound of it, I love the feel of it.  I have vivid memories of playing in the rain when I was young.

I love autumn.  The crispness in the air is like a foreshadowing of things to come.  Of warm apple cider and beautiful colors.

I love a freshly made bed.  Pulling back the covers when going to bed is like unwrapping a presesnt.  Even though you know what the present is you know you are going to love it.

I love getting small tokens from people.  For me, it's a sign that they thought of me, that I was important to them.  I know it is greedy, but it makes me feel loved in return.

I love the beach after 5:00 pm.  When the blistering heat and crowds are gone and you can enjoy the breeze and your thoughts alone. 

I loved listening to my grandfather tell stories.  I love for all men of that generation to tell stories of their lives.

I love watching baseball games in person.  It makes me feel like a kid.

I love to hear the national anthem.  I cry and get chills every time. 

I love to get letters/cards in the mail.  I don't do this enough for my friends and I vow to be better. 

Lastly, I love to watch people love each other.  Random people, people I know, it doesn't matter.  I love to watch people be sweet to others.  It gives me hope.

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