Monday, August 8, 2011


Dear Little Boy,

It stands to reason, given my complete and utter awesomeness, that some of that would rub off on you.  Well, my friend, it did.  You are more awesome than I could ever imagine.  God sure knew what he was doing when he gave me you.  Your daddy and I are constantly in awe of how smart, cute, inquisitive, attentive, etc, etc, etc you are.  A friend and I were having coffee one morning and an older couple actually came up to us and commented on how responsive you were.  That was a first.  I never really thought of being responsive as a compliment, unless you are an EMT or a Customer Service professional.

You had your first solid food this weekend.  I know, I know, we could have started months ago, but we decided to wait.  And wait.  And wait.  I'm happy to report that you loved it.  We have it on video so I have proof. 

You started waving recently too.  So. Stinking. Cute.  I didn't think we waved all that much so I'm a little surprised you started doing that one. 

You learned how to propel yourself forward while on your tummy too.  Normally the propel comes from your foot in some very uncomfortable position against one of my body parts.  Glad I could be there for you.  You still prefer to go backwards, though.  Does it make us bad parents that we bribe you with the phone and remote?  I have a feeling that is foreshadowing. 

I wonder what age you figure out that naps are pretty awesome?  It obviously comes later.  You would rather play with the elephant mobile in your crib.  It's pretty awesome too so I can't blame you much.  I'm actually just happy that you are content in your crib for so long.  Every day we say how good a boy you are. 

You get happy whenever your daddy or I walk into a room.  I must confess that I often leave the room just so I can come back in. 

You are such a joy, little boy.  Such a blessing!  I'm excited to see you grow into a young man...just not yet.

I love you,

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