Thursday, August 15, 2013

Damn, I hate when he is funny

Last night on the way to dinner my husband was talking about something he is building. Unfortunately my first response was, "So how much is this costing me?" Unfortunate because I shouldn't immediately go to that, and unfortunate because of his answer. He was very gracious and said he would spread the time out so it wasn't all at one time. Of course, he is still spending the money. Money is my thing. It's my idol. I don't worship it, but I rely on it too much. If you had been in situations where you didn't really know how you were going to pay for things you would be the same. I never assume money will always be there. So I'm still upset about the money, thinking what I could do with that much money, and overall plotting revenge. Then he says, "Well, if you don't want to survive the Zombie apocolypse then that is your choice." Fine, you win.