Saturday, February 6, 2010

My first riddle

What do you get when you have too many days of snow/rain/sleet?  A wet ground.

What do you get when said wet ground no longer allows the drainage spout to move water away from the house?  A clogged drainage spout.

What do you get when said clogged drainage spout has no where to put the tons of water still coming down?  Water in your heating ducts.  (don't ask me how that happens)

What do you get when said water in heating ducts is in said heating ducts?  A funny noise that sounds like there is lava gurgling inside your walls whenever the heat turns on.

What do you get when you realize the problem is too much rain/sleet/snow, a wet ground, a clogged drainage spout, water backed up into heating ducts, and the gurgling effect?

A husband who is a good sport about having his picture taken while his wife has been indiscreetly laughing at the amount of mud flying from clearing the clogged drainage spout.