Thursday, June 24, 2010

Fear nothing

Have you noticed that there is always something to fear?  For one of my friends it is birds.  Yes, I think that is completely insane as well.  For another friend, it is the Dentist.  While that one is more understandable, usually the fear dies in childhood.  Or should have.  (sorry friends!)

I've noticed that people form fears at a very young age, often without a reason.  What is it that causes us to be scared?  Some kids, and adults, are afraid of the dark.  I may or may not be one of those.  I'm not so afraid of the dark, but what is chasing me in the dark.  You know, after you go downstairs and turn all the lights off before you go to bed and that thing that is in the dark that wasn't in the light is chasing you up the stairs?  I may or may not know anything about that. 

I'm also afraid of spiders.  Even though I've never been bitten, that I know of.  Actually, there was this one time when I had a huge red spot on my tummy.  I swear it was a spider bite.  But I survived and didn't see it so I have no proof.  But I'm fairly sure a jury would convict that spider of biting in the 1st degree.  I wonder what the statute of limitations is on spider bites? 

I'm afraid of those people with the "Fear Nothing" stickers on their cars or trucks.  Driving close to them is really just waiting to see what they will do.  But they are usually scared.  Or that is what I like to tell myself.  That and that the scary thing chasing me up the stairs will disappear as soon as I hit my bed and that the spider that is above my bed is a figment of my imagination and/or is protecting me from said thing chasing me up the stairs.


  1. Ornithophobia (fear of birds) is a real condition--even though those who suffer from it realize it is irrational! We can't help it!!

  2. I'm sorry Joy! I actually didn't know you had that condition! I have to admit, that is a little funny.

  3. But you did call me out on my fear of the dentist! To me it seems more rational than your fears of people in your house! Ha ha. And thanks for making me eat Dairy Queen so that I had 2 cavities instead of 1!