Tuesday, June 29, 2010

A hit square in the gut

I ran across this article today and wanted to share.  I ran across it a day after someone sat in my office and told me he didn't want to stay in North Carolina because we are a racist state.  I couldn't believe it.  I was dumbfounded that he thought we, of all people, are racist.  After all, he went to college in Wisconsin.  Have you been to Wisconsin?  They are about as diverse as Kansas. 

But then I got to thinking, which is always dangerous.  I wonder if he considers me racist.  I wonder if my non-white friends consider my racist.  I say non-white because I want to include anyone outside the general white group.  One of my best friends is black.  We used to work together and I always knew I couldn't keep a secret from her.  She was mad at me at one point and it made me miserable.  We don't talk every day, but I would do anything for her. 

But outside of her, what do I have to show I'm not racist?  I know in my heart I am not.  I know I have no patience for people who are.  I am as judgemental about white people as I am about anyone.  I am usually judgemental about people who dress like this, or people who litter,  or people who ignore their children. 

When Brad and I were talking about adoption, I never assumed I would adopt only a white child.  So it felt like a knife in my gut when he said this.  He was generalizing, obviously, but I consider myself a North Carolinian and I don't want the rest of the world thinking we are all members of an unnamed organization that boasts things that are in no way morally or ethically sound.  The Bible tells us to be our brother's keeper.  I do not think this is supposed to mean only my brother who looks, acts, talks, and thinks like me. 

I know this is an odd post, but racism just really burns my butt.

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