Monday, November 29, 2010

One Week

Dear Baby,
I am officially ready to meet you.  I want to be able to name you and hold you instead of just having you taunt me at your arrival.  I guess it means you will fit into this family well.  As I was talking to your dad the other day I finally admitted how scared I am.  When you are trying for a baby you are thinking about the excitement of life, the cuteness of babies.  Then, apparently when you are a week out from delivery (again, anytime is JUST FINE), you realize what having a baby actually means.  Or you think you know.  The only thing I know is that I really have no idea.  But I will learn. 

I thought I'd go ahead and tell you what you will be coming home to.  First, a house that isn't quite ready.  We moved recently and haven't completely finished getting it ready.  But you will have somewhere to sleep, food to eat and diapers so I'm not sure you will know the difference.  Your room gets the best sunlight so I will probably be in there more than you would like.  So far everyone likes to be in your room.  Here is proof.

Calabash is the cat.  I can't say for sure if you will like her or vice versa.  She is very old and quite odd.  She kind of runs the house.  She is your dad's cat.

Lucy is the yellow dog.  She will love you...she loves everyone.  She hates loud noises.  Just trust me on that.  She will probably sleep in your room every night and protect you.  Fiercely loyal and loving, she will be your best friend as you grow up.  She isn't sorry for all the hair she leaves around the house.

Maddie is the brown dog.  She will like that you will drop food.  Until that point she will probably be indifferent to you.  Unless you serve a purpose for her, she lets you know you have no purpose.  Don't try and take one of her toys and you should be just fine. 

Your daddy.  He will be the one with a deep voice and dark hair.  He is pretty freaking cute too.  I imagine if there is someone changing your diaper and gagging at the same time, it may be him.  He will no doubt spoil you.  If you are a girl he will be the one wrapped around your finger.  Please do not use this to your advantage.  If you are a boy he will be the one to teach you everything important in life.  He will sing to you and play guitar (both ways that mommy fell for him).  He will be your constant, your strength.

Your mommy.  I don't really know what to say about me.  I'm sure I'll be the one with the food for awhile.  And the one that cries at movies.  But I hope I'm the one that makes you feel better when you are sick.  I hope I'm the one that is the first person you want when there is a nightmare, or when the cat freaks you out as she often does to me.  I hope I'm the one that makes you feel safe.  If you are a girl, I hope I'm the one that you admire.  If you are a boy, I hope I'm the one that always supports your choices in all things, even your future wife. 

As a whole, we are your family.  Your dad and I will teach you to love God, to love others, and finally, yourself.  Your dad and I will hopefully be a testament to marriage and give you an idea of what love is.  We will fail at all things at some point, but I hope we are the ones that teach you to fail with grace and dignity. 

Waiting (im)patiently,


  1. That is by far one of the best letters to your child you will have ever written!!! It made me smile and made me cry (in a good way)You are going to be an AWESOME mommy and Brad will be an AWESOME daddy....I am soooo happy for you and your FAMILY!!!