Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Small one before a bigger one

I've been intimidated by the next post I want to write...so like any good person, I'm procrastinating.  Please don't have any illusions of grandeur, after all it is just me.

To pass the time, I thought I would tell you something about my first baby, Maddie.  We've had Maddie for almost 13 years, adopted her when she was a puppy.  She is an ornery old lady, but we love her.  I took her to the vet yesterday for a check up.  The vet said she was one of the healthiest 90 year olds he's ever met.  We know it will be a very difficult day when we have to say goodbye.  However, there are times that she tries to change my mind about that.

Case in point, yesterday.  I had five $1 bills in my purse.  They were in my purse because I was too busy (read:  too lazy) to put them in my wallet.  Today I had four $1 bills in my purse.  I found my purse turned over with many contents removed, including the dollar bills.  Sadly, it isn't the first time.  But last time it was a $20 dollar bill and it only had teeth marks in it.

Maddie decided it would be fun to see how money tasted.  I'm betting not great, but apparently better than the $20 bill.

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  1. I just hope you are not going to try and reuse that $1.00 bill!!!!!! :)