Saturday, April 3, 2010

This is what peaceful looks like to me

I took a much needed day off work recently.  It was one of the first days of really nice weather.  Most of you probably know, but I'm a windows open kinda girl.  We have been looking a few houses recently and I'm quick to mark off any that don't have screens.  We often sleep with the windows open when the temperature allows.  This could be the reason for my sniffles, but the trade off is fair...I think.  I took a few pictures that I that made smile while I was home.

Lucy enjoying some rays.  Please ignore all the hair on the floor.

Kitty making sure no one steals our mail. 

I couldn't get one of Maddie that day.  She is adverse to cameras.  The other two ham it up.  Maddie is more like me that way, bashful and ornery!

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  1. My house looks pretty similar, minus the dog. Yay for open windows!!