Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Only 6 hours, but no nightmares

The last few nights I have been plagued with nightmares. The first night it was my stepdad trying to kill me. I'm a little worried to look that one up to see what it means. And this isn't my current stepdad (my mom just got married a few months ago). Does it make it your stepdad if you don't live in the house? Is it just, then, your mother's husband? I digress. Anyway, it was my first stepdad. He basically raised me. My mother married him when I was 5 and they divorced when I was 15. Oh, glorious day. But I got a sister out of that union so it wasn't all bad. I'm not really going to talk about him on here. But I think I was dreaming of him because it was his birthday. He never liked for people not to remember. Anyway, my second night of nightmares was about zombies trying to kill me (notice the common theme?). But really, do you dream about zombies if they aren't trying to kill you? I mean, they aren't the type you bring home to mom or help you study or go shopping with (another nightmare for me).

So last night I didn't have a nightmare, but I only slept 6 hours. I also have a problem of watching scary things on tv. Things that come back to haunt me, 9 hours later, as I am closing my eyes. I may not even be really paying attention to that tv, it could just be on in the background, but lo and behold at bedtime I can recall intimate facts about that scary show. Do you ever notice that after you wake up from the nightmare, just before the zombie-stepdad kills you, that you can pick up in the same exact spot you left off? I can't do that in books I'm reading, how does my brain do that?

I'm off to make breakfast for Brad and myself. I wonder if that is his nightmare!?

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