Monday, November 26, 2012

On Thankfulness, Pity, and Misery

I have a hard time at this time of year being thankful.  In some ways I feel like being thankful for stuff (and proclaiming it to Facebook or Twitter) makes me a little like that person that only asks for prayer when they need something.  To which I am guilty.  I am guilty of most things.  But mostly I'm guilty of not being thankful. 

It's not that I don't have a lot to be thankful for.  I do.  Everyone does if they think about it hard enough.  We all have struggles.  We all have a childhood to overcome.  And maybe that gets to the root of my issue.  I've often told people that I'm not a good HR person because I have no pity.  That is true to some degree, but it isn't the whole picture. 

I have no pity for people who allow their prior circumstances to hold them back in the present day.  I have empathy when possible.  And I have sympathy when allowed.  But I have no pity.  People don't need pity.  Sometimes they need a smile.  Or a Thank you.  An I love you.  A "Good Job".  Sometimes a swift kick in the butt.  But not pity.  Pity allows you to wallow.  Pity allows you to stay in that place.  That place that is holding you back.  Pity doesn't give the strength to soldier on - it gives you the validation to, well, be pitiful. 

So this season I'm thankful that in many areas I was able to soldier on.  I'm thankful that no one took pity on me because we know misery loves company.  Sometimes misery is necessary.  Sometimes misery is healing.  But misery and pity should not be destinations.  I'm thankful I didn't choose that.  And I'm thankful for every person in my life that helped me realize that truth.

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