Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Freaking out. Just a little

I will say that I'm typically laid back.  My BFF will laugh and my husband will guffaw.  So they can get their own blog if they want to say anything.  Maybe I'm laid back relative to the other crazies in my family.  Regardless, I'm laid back.  About some things. 

I'm not laid back when it comes to my kid.  He's just too awesome to mess up.  That and I thought I'd never have him so I'm kind of, well, not laid back.  Not exactly psycho.  Not exactly not-psycho.  You know, I'm perfect.

I'm going out of town tomorrow night with almost every other caretaker of my child.  Except my husband.  I realize that next to me, he is the best caretaker there is.  However, he is a man.  And if I'm being honest, I worry about the diaper getting changed and him being fed.  My husband is a great father.  Let's just say he isn't the most pereceptive of people.  That smell emanating from your child - yes, it should be changed and it was there well before I got home.  That constant pacing of the dog - yes, it typically means they want to go outside.  That odd sound coming from your bedside table - yes, your alarm is going off.  Wait, that is both of us.  That odd, annoying sound you hear - yes, I'm talking to you, you can answer now.

So imagine my worry when for 4 days all they will have is each other.  I fully expect to come home to a slightly stressed husband and a dirty child.  (They are called baths, dude)

But it will still be a wonderful homecoming.

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