Thursday, November 15, 2012

Doctor visit

I went to the doctor today.  Much like the rest of the US my insurance is changing next year and I've met my out of pocket this year so I'm going to take full advantage of that and rack up even more medical costs.  Yes, I'm in HR and I know how horrible that sounds. 

Truthfully, I just went in for a routine physical.  Three needle sticks, one pee test, and one EKG later I emerged. 

The appointment was really going ok.  I had to get on the scale, which of course lied.  The nurse took my blood pressure and temp and all that.  All good.  My EKG (which was a first), was ok.  Or so they tell me.  I got my TB test, a Tetanus shot, a referral for a mammogram (so.  excited.)  and a referral to a good dermatologist because apparently these huge freckles on my face may not be so good afterall. 

The doctor was great as usual.  I like her.  I saw her for the numbness in my hands and she was great then too.  And then she told me I need to lose 20 lbs.  Bitch.

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