Friday, November 4, 2011

For Future Reference

Dear Little Boy,
There will come a time in your life when you will not like us very much as parents.  There may even come a time when you wonder how you came from this family.  I still have that wonder for myself sometimes.  So much so that I confronted my mother about whether or not I was adopted.  I was in college.  I may or may not still have lingering doubt. 

But rest assured you are ours.  Something happened the other night that made me tell your daddy, "Wow, he is SO my kid".  So I started thinking of all the ways I know you are mine.  And his.  But mostly mine.

1.  That whole pregnancy/labor thing.  Yeah, won't soon forget that part.
2.  You have curly hair.  I'm sorry.
3.  You have blue eyes.  You are not allowed to use these to get what you want from me or any other woman.
4.  You like to sleep on your stomach.  I feel ya on that one.
5.  You like to sleep contorted or with one leg bent.  Your future wife may hate me for that one.
6.  You like the blanket to be beside your face when you sleep.  I love covers.
7.  You like to go for walks. 
8.  Stubborn much?
9.  Short legs, long torso.  Haven't figure out what that is good for, yet.

I can't leave your dad out.  Just a few ways you are like him.
1.  You both like boobies.
2.  So. Freaking. Cute.
3.  Mirrors are your friend.
4.  You  have a laid back personality.
5.  You are kind to strangers.
6.  Full of energy.

I'm sure more stuff will emerge later.  I'll claim all the good stuff.  :)

Love you,

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