Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Pity Party Time

Yeah, yeah. No one wants to hear it. I don't care. I need to say it. No one reads anyway. And hence begins my pity party.

It all started this morning with the stupid eggs. I like to cook for my husband. I really do. I just suck at it. I have no confidence and he is such a good cook that it just makes it worse. I think he is just really comfortable in the kitchen. I'm comfortable cleaning the kitchen. But since I have been laid off I have really tried to be much more domestic in the kitchen. But I hate frying pans. The cast-iron-cause-a-really-big-knot-in-your-head-and-a-pain-to-clean ones. My husband loves them. So he wanted sausage and eggs this morning and he wanted them cooked in the skillet. I tried to tell him I hated them. (this is not his fault, by the way) Anyway, sausage, no problem. Eggs, problem. The pan was too hot and they stuck and I couldn't flip them and they were just ugly and ruined. Then came time for my eggs. I prefer the non-stick, easy to clean, thing and I didn't put butter in it because I'm trying to act healthier and they stuck. Needless to say to anyone who knows me, egg ended up on the back of the stove, the top of the stove, everywhere but where it needed to be. Then I proceeded to pout. A lot.

My husband, bless his heart, tried to console me. Its useless. Do you ever have those days when you just want to be in a bad mood? Where you think it is just your day and you want everyone to leave you alone? Just me? Well, that is today.

I just want to feel like I am good at something. Anything. I can't even freakin' cook eggs right. I want to have a talent, to feel like I have something to offer. See...pity party. I am just so overwhelmed. And I'm going to a wedding this weekend and everyone will be skinny and it just pisses me off. ;)

Ok, tangent there. Anyway, I would love some suggestions, maybe some passages, to read to help me out. Any suggestions?

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  1. Dude it's easy to cook eggs. Get a 9 inch non stick pan and spray it wit pam, put in whatever floats your boat. Get it balzing hot and crack two eggs into it. Sprinkle with salt(Kosher) and peper(fresh ground)after about 1.5 minute flip them with a flick of the wrist, cook a minute more, serve and enjoy. It is totally easy to cook eggs. get two dozen and just master it. You can feed them to the dogs, but use pam. The yolks are good for their coats make the shiny, and egss are cheap. In two hours with even limited motivation you could be an egg genius. People will be in awe.