Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Alarm Clock, Take II

No one realizes this, but HR people have crazy hours.  Well, some HR people do.  I do, and since this is my blog, I'm what matters.

So there as I was last night.  Setting my alarm so I could wake up at 3:00 AM.  Usually this is followed by a..."I wonder if I should just stay up.  I've got tons of stuff I can do."  Which is then almost immediately followed by a, "uh, heck no."  Or something much less PG rated. 

I decided to look for a different ring tone, because of this.  I went through my list of eligible choices, remembering why I chose the original one.  The others just plain suck. 

As I was speeding into work today because I just couldn't get out of bed at the aforementioned 3 AM because, well, you should be going to bed at 3AM not waking up, I realized the perfect alarm clock noise is out there. 

Have you ever noticed that a crying baby will wake your butt up from a dead sleep in no time at all?  Whereas the alarm clock fades into consciousness after about 10 minutes of going off incessantly.  Little boy can whimper in his sleep and I'm full on awake. 

Then I realized that if your alarm clock was a baby crying you would continually rush into the baby's room, in turn waking them up.  It would start a never ending issue of crying baby, run to baby's room, crap - wrong baby, crap - baby awake now, put back to sleep, good - now I can go back to sleep, oh - there is that baby crying again, crap - wrong baby, good - more sleep, crap - baby is crying again, crap - wrong  baby, crap - I'm late for work again.

You can't bottle this kind of genius.

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