Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Another First

Dear Little Boy,

You are 13 months old today.  Sometimes I look at you and think how small you are.  Other times I'm astounded by how big you are!  You are constantly on the go!  You started walking pretty much the day after your first birthday.  Now nothing is safe.  :)  You are such a joy.  Even at 2:00 AM last night.

You had your first-ever fever last night.  First that I know of, anyway.  I knew something was wrong when you didn't want to eat.  It's one of your favorite things to do!  And then you just wanted to be held.  Sign #2. 

I had to be at work early today so I came home before you woke up so I could be there with you.  You're all better now, probably a little hungry.  You are just teething so it's nothing to worry about.  But I couldn't help but feel like you were my little teeny baby again.  Just in a toddler body.  So I just wanted to say, Thank you for making me a mommy.

I love you,

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