Thursday, July 14, 2011


Dear Little Boy,

This letter is late because your mommy is slack.  I'll try to be better.

You're growing up so fast.  You'll be 7 months old this weekend.  Someone once said that life before children was black and white and with children everything was in color.  I can completely understand what they mean.  Life before you was good, but it wasn't complete. 

You have two teeth now!  You got your first one on Father's Day.  I wish I would have known that was going to happen and I wouldn't have bought your daddy a present.  Help me out next time.  You're also sitting up on your own really well!  Of course,  you fell over twice today so it is a work in progress. 

Right now your favorite toys are numerous!  You love the remote, mommy's very expensive phone, an inexpensive teether that is awesome, mommy's hair, and tags.  You have this adorable snorty thing you do when you get really excited.  It's a cross between lamaze breathing sounds and a pig.  Oh, and you do snort sometimes...just like your mommy. 

You love Lucy.  She is your favorite and you will stop what you are doing anytime she walks in the room.  She gets great smiles from you and she loves you right back.  You also flirt with every woman you see.  Anytime we go out to eat or are in line anywhere you will inevitably smile for all the women. 

You've already been to your first (and second) baseball game.  I'm not sure what you think of it yet.  But you did get a fly ball on your first trip!  I've never gotten one so that is a huge deal.  You've also been to the beach!  There was a faceplant in the sand so I think the pool was more your speed.

I like to take you for walks after work.  You love walks.  You generally love being outside and I love spending that time with you.  It's our special thing. 

And do you know what?  You make me special, little boy.

I love you,

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