Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Week 20

Now that it isn't a secret, as if anyone could look at me and not know, I've got a few things to say about it. 

First, I've been extremely lucky with a simple pregnancy so far.  Little to no morning sickness, no huge pains, etc.  I do have problems sleeping, but if that is the worst of it I think I will make it.  However, the part that scares me about this is I think if you have an easy pregnancy, you will have a hard delivery.  How do I know this?  I just do.  It's like how I know I'm awesome.  Some things you just can't argue with.  Except my grammar.

At week 20 here is what I've come to expect.
  • I can make crying on command into a sport.  Honestly, while eating breakfast I had to fight tears during the news about 5 times. I believe the topic was the weather.  And the Chief of Police candidate.
  • given how much people have problems with constipation, and how much I don't want that, I'm thankful I don't have that problem yet.  I know, way too much TMI
  • on that same note...they say the first feelings of the baby can feel like gas.  Hello...do you even know me?  If I have to rely on that feeling I'll never know what is baby and what is just my normal colon.  However, I am positive I've felt him/her.
  • Not finding out the sex does make it hard to plan.  But it does irritate many relatives so we have an added bonus.
  • You really do get used to random people touching you.  I really mean at the doctor's office because you have to see so  many different people. (ah, just felt the baby.  He/she likes this post)
  • Random people do want to touch your belly.  for people who like to do this...most women do not like to be on the receiving end.  and many pregnant women are not especially happy in general.  Just consider it a fair warning. 
  • Stress is a huge factor for me right now and a glass (or four) of wine would be a big help.  oh well.
  • I'm halfway through and nowhere near ready.  We've talked about registering...but it's more like, Yeah, we should do that one day.  Kinda like that vacation to Ireland.
  • Write down baby names anytime in life you think of a good one.  If you're like me, you'll forget.
  • Pregnancy brain is a real condition.
  • Night sweats suck.
  • Apparently you snore more.  I really refuse to belive this one, but my therapist says I should listen to Brad more often.  I tried putting the pillow over his head so he wouldn't have to hear it. 
And there is my list for this week.  I'm sure it won't change much by next week, but you never know. 

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  1. just thought i would throw the name penelope out there.....(i am sure i spelt it wrong)