Monday, August 3, 2009

Video Camera, Where were you???

I succeeded in having a most embarrassing moment today. I questioned whether I should put it on here. In actuality, it can be most embarrassing and most detrimental at the same time. I guess thats what makes it embarrassing.

I've been interviewing with a few different companies a lot the past few weeks. I mean A LOT. Now, this does wonders for my self-esteem, but not so much for my dilapidated wardrobe. And by dilapidated wardrobe I mean clothes that I have but that are completely worn out because it is all that will fit on my fat butt. And I hate shopping so those clothes are gonna have to suffice. I only have one interview suit. I hate suits. So today I had a third interview at a place that I've already worn the interview suit to twice (two different tops and don't worry, I changed underwear). I decided to wear a skirt. Surely it will be fine to wear a skirt and a nice blouse. It looked fine, I proceeded.

I got to the office and realized my thigh highs (because there isn't much worse than hose in 95 degree heat) were...struggling. Now, given my thighs, that is no surprise. They should have been paid overtime. I check in and try to pull up one side as I'm sitting in the lobby. I look up and smile at the camera and quickly wave an apology. I think I could hear them laughing.

The recruiter comes to get me and by this point the hose is close to breaking free from my knee-cap. I look like an 85 year old grandma with her support knee-highs. You know how they always end up rolled up around their ankles or hanging loose? That was me. At an interview. There was no way to hide it. I tried to strategically place my purse, my notepad, the recruiter. Nothing worked.

He is not oblivious so he noticed I was having issues. While trying not to laugh at me he asked me if I would like a minute in the office before he came in. I tried to play it off and said "no, I'm fine, but thank you!". Luckily we were seated at a table and I could play with them while we were talking. Then the dreaded time came to get up. There was no saving them. Or me. At this point I was already apologizing and he was laughing. Thank goodness it wasn't my first interview, he is a cool guy, and he has a sense of humor.

We were traveling to another office for the 2nd part of the interview and I drove separately. You have never seen anyone rip those things off while driving so quickly. I figured I would look better with white legs than hose around my ankles.

Was it detrimental? Who knows. Guess I'll find out soon!

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  1. Great story!:) It shows you have a sense of humor under pressure. And, he will definitely remember you!
    See you tomorrow, Ellie