Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Double Standards

It's always a struggle for me.  Should I say this or not?  Should I tell my boss this bothers me or not?  As I've mentioned before, I have two bosses in this office.  Both are great in their own way.  But one is male, one is female.  I will bring things to them differently.  I will bring certain things to the female, not to the male. 

So this morning I get an email that just really burns my butt.  But how do I react?  Do I send it to the male boss (because it was from one of his other employees)?  Or do I do nothing?  Because afterall I'm female, pregnant, emotional, etc, etc.  All those adjectives they will use to negate the issue.  And they are both male. 

Do I do nothing and allow it to happen again?  Yes, I know the correct answer is to go directly to the person I have an issue with.  Been there.  Done that.  Useless. 

I really feel like I can't do anything.  My male boss hates complainers.  My female boss hates for people to be treated that way.

Just frustrating. 

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