Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Stepping onto my Soapbox

I'm not a fan of beauty pageants or scholarship programs or whatever they like to call themselves.  I believe it comes from a lifetime of no talent and awkward looks.  However, I supported my sister in beauty pageants because she has neither a lack of talent nor awkward looks.  Understandably, she did quite well in them.  I remember, though, when Miss Teen South Carolina offered the guffaw inducing answer to her question.  Can't remember the question and can't remember the answer, probably because it made no sense.  But I saw an interview with her later and it didn't seem to diminish her spirit. 

The Miss USA pageant was on recently and I watched about a nanosecond of it.  Enough to realize that most of the hair colors and boobs were fake.  And the fact that this is rewarded is a bit disturbing.  Inevitably it came time for the infamous question and answer.  I'm convinced they give the girls an idea of what the questions might be so they can be somewhat prepared and not make a fool of themselves on live tv.  Which in retrospect may not be that poor of an idea.  However, I read the next day about answers that Miss Texas gave to her question and for which she received a loud ovation.  Miss Texas indicated that wives of politicians shouldn't stand beside their spouses who are admitting to adultery and go out and find a man who loves them.

Well.  Isn't that high and mighty of her?  Given that it is the Miss USA pageant, Miss Texas has not been married.  Miss Texas has not taken an oath in front of her God to stand by her husband.  Miss Texas has not made a choice to be part of a pair that makes a whole.  Now, don't get me wrong.  Adultery is wrong.  It is a sin.  It is painful, disrespectful, and all together bad.  However, the Bible also says having lustful thoughts is considered adultery and I think you may be hard pressed to find someone that couldn't be convicted of that sin. 

I'm so tired of people saying that wives of cheating husbands (or vice versa)  are somehow inferior for choosing to stay in their marriage.  For choosing to believe that their marriage can prevail.  If anything, those spouses who choose to stay are stronger.  The easy way out is to leave without trying to work on the marriage.  To wash your hands and be absolved of having to work through it.  Understandably that is the first reaction.  But it isn't always the right one.  That is for the husband and wife to decide.  Sometimes the choice is to divorce.  And that is OK, but it is each person's right to determine what is best for them.

I implore Miss Texas, even though she is a beauty queen and will surely never have to deal with an adulterous spouse, to hesitate to judge these women.  At some point every person has to make a choice about their love with their spouse.  Because we all know that initial feeling fades and you are left with what you make of it.  You are left with a choice.  Each person has their own reasons for those decisions.

That's all.  Off my soapbox.

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